It’s true….I’ve been hibernating most of this winter. I don’t usually go on such a long blog hiatus, but this winter has been full of changes. Over the past few months I’ve gotten the chance to spend lots of time with family, get some much needed rest, and work in front of the computer screen instead of behind a camera lens. I much prefer the latter.

I figured I’d update you with how Heather Marie Portraits has been expanding over the past months also. This past November, I had the opportunity to shoot school photos for a small private school in New Jersey as a test for some upcoming opportunities this Spring. It is both exciting and scary at he same time, but I pray it will bring a lot of growth to my business. I will primarily be working with small private schools in the PA area if any of you have connections and want to pass the name along.

Another exciting opportunity that I have recently embarked on is with an organization called Operation Love Reunited. OpLove: Reunited is a non profit organization made up of photographers all around the country who provide free photography sessions for military servicemen and women, pre-deployment, during deployment, or upon homecoming. I am looking forward to using my talents as a means of saying thank you to those who faithfully serve and defend our country daily. To find a photographer in your area or to recommend this opportunity to loved ones in the military head on over to their photographer finder. Of course if you are in the PA/NJ area you can always contact yours truly.

I will also be looking forward to some upcoming photo shoots this Spring. There is still time to schedule Mother’s Day Sessions or perhaps purchase a gift card. What mom wouldn’t love an update family portrait or album of her loved ones.

Stay tuned for some exciting posts coming in the next week. You won’t be disappointed.

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A few weekends ago I had the privileged and Joy to photograph one of my favorite families. Talk about it being a small world; Rachel and Peter Kalbach started attending the same church as me back in the Spring. I knew I recognized Rachel right away and being the nosy person that I am went up and introduced myself.  I soon found out that we had actually attended the same college for about a year. Rachel was pregnant with Madison at the time, and we soon found ourselves in the same Sunday school class. Few weeks later, I realize that Pete’s sister Liz was one of my mom’s students at school. It seemed like our tiny worlds were colliding in other ways too. Of course we hit it off right away and so did our husbands.  And the rest, it’s history. I feel like I’ve known Pete and Rachel forever and I just love watching the joy they share with one another as well as Maddie.

Rachel’s parents joined us for the occasion too and we had a great time together! It was special to be welcomed like family. We froze in the chill air, but had lots of laughs.

Pete and Rachel- I count it a blessing to be your friends and am so glad I was able to do this.

Happy Viewing Friends!

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Last week, after months of planning, rescheduling, and waiting, I finally had the chance to meet up with Joe and Danielle at Pennypack. My shoot with Danielle and Joe was special for a number of reasons. One being that Danielle won the shoot at a scholarship auction back in May that was held in memory of Linda Duffy. Linda was a family friend that passed away after a courageous battle with cancer just shortly after her 18th birthday, and it was an honor and a privilege to be able to donate a session to raise money for her memorial scholarship. Another reason is because Joe and Danielle have been together for six plus years, through life’s highs and lows, and I knew how excited Danielle was for this opportunity.

Danielle and I began communicating months ago about their session and I knew from the moment she contacted me how excited she was. Of course, that got me even more excited. After rescheduling earlier this fall, we found a date in the beginning of November that worked for both of us. Danielle and Joe were both troopers; getting up early on their day off, braving the freezing temperatures- no lie there was frost covering the ground and we could see each others breath. It isn’t often that a client chooses a morning session, but it definitely paid off. Danielle and Joe, thank you for making me laugh, being so flexible, and letting me share this time with you. Enjoy!

Got a little morning flare going on! Not my norm; but trying something new.

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Well, I’m a little late on the post, but that is because things have been crazy. A good crazy that is. I’ve been working on album designs, and Christmas cards for the upcoming season, nannying part time, getting ready for vacations this week !!!!, (much needed) and prepping for my first round of school portraits next week.

A few weeks ago I met up with the Angelikas family at Lorimer Park. They were so much fun to work with and I really enjoyed getting to see them interact with one another. You can tell they just love being together. Happy Viewing friends.

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