Now Introducing….World’s Sweetest Family! What a joy it was for me to head out with the Morrison family one fall afternoon to grab some updated family portraits. Ashley and I attend the same MOPs group so it was really special for me to observe her in action as a mom…of three boys! It was so evident during the session how much the Morrison’s love each other and they were naturals in front of my camera lens. Caleb and Ashley, your boys are so fun and sweet. I loved getting a glimpse of each boys’ unique personality and spunk. They were so patient and cooperative, speaking volumes of your investment in their lives as parents. I considered it a privilege to capture what I hope will become cherished memories as the years go by. Enjoy.

















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I’m going to let you in on a secret, there are two things in life I LOVE!



Even better is a competition where you get free things. What better way to kick off the fall season then with a giveaway for a free Portrait Session. I’m all about go big or go home and value the idea that hard work often pays off, which leads me to the give away.

Over the next three days I’ll be hosting a Back in Business portrait session giveaway. What do you have to do? Spread the Love about Heather Marie Portraits. Share it with you friends, your family, anyone and everyone.

Here’s where the competition comes in. The more you share the more entries you will receive. Multiple entries into the session giveaway can be earned by the following means….

1.Share on your facebook Timeline. For every day that you share a link to our blog, page , or giveaway you will receive an entry.

2. Share on your own blog or website and receive an entry upon post confirmation.

3. Leave a comment on the facebook post and gain an entry

4. Like our page on facebook and get an entry.

5. Comment on the blog and get an entry.

6. Book a session and get 5 entries. (If you book a session and win the giveaway it will be FREE!)

And what else is FREE? Fans that book a fall session during the giveaway period will receive a free 11×14 portrait of their choice.

The only thing left to do is SHARE THE LOVE and beat your friends! Giveaway Ends Saturday, August 9th and the winner will be announced on Sunday!





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  • JodiAugust 8, 2014 - 2:55 am

    I do love looking at your work, even when it’s not of my kids 🙂ReplyCancel

I’m always amazed when I meet mothers of all boys…and then again I’m just as amazed when I meet mothers of all girls. My first thought is “Girlfriend, you must have had some energy. Just one boy keeps me on my toes enough for having three.” My second thought usually goes something like, ” Well boys are cheaper- no manicures, make-up, shoes, jewelry, etc. you name it and none of the drama that comes along with all of those girly things.”  And shortly thereafter I’m reminded of the fact that whether girls or boys, I’ll have exactly what I need. Somehow I still can’t grasp the concept that I’m supposed to raise a daughter and little miss thing already thinks she is one going on 20. I guess only time will tell.

Anyway, The Rossi Family won a shoot that I donated to a local silent auction just before I went on maternity leave last summer. over a year later, and many failed  attempts at finding a date that worked for both of us, we were finally able to get some shots in on a summery, Saturday evening. This momma and the four boys in tow were so fun to hang out with. I was really blessed to experience the loving interaction between brothers, witness the respect they have for their parents, a little bit of goofiness thrown in there, and the subtle personality differences between each son during our shoot. Rossi family, you were a joy to be with. I know having portraits taken are not always a “guy” thing, but you all rocked it. You’ve got a special thing going on with your family. Thanks for putting up with me and happy viewing.





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Time. I’m a firm believer in the idea that there is a time for everything. I time to laugh and a time to cry, a time to speak and I time to be silent, a time to plant and a time to uproot a time to work and a time to rest….more recently, I’ve found that the past months have been a time to heal; a time to find rest and be refreshed. The blog has been silent for a while. I have been silent for a while and it’s about to change.

And I have found it bittersweet. I can’t begin to explain how much joy I find in photographing others. It is like that well fit glove. It’s where I find the Lord uses my talents and I feel fulfilled. And I have missed that these past months. I also know I needed the quiet and the rest.

Some  of you already know that the past few years have been very full for our family, hence the silence around here. Sometimes full of joy like weddings and babies, but many times full of sorrow like cancer, and triple bypasses, fried harddrives (still crying over all of Levi’s first two years and Caroline’s first few months), homelessness (thanking my gracious parents for boarding the four of us while our house is finished ) leaving our church family, unemployment , kidney problems, and funerals . And don’t forget some more cancer and funerals in there too. We experienced numerous losses in more ways than one, and to be completely honest, I found myself broken. Weary. Worn. I found my time sucked up by trying to keep my head above water and trying to be there for family and not having much time to spend elsewhere.

Only twice in my life before have I found myself daily remembering, “The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord.” And I had to say it, or else I couldn’t keep going. I found myself in a place where I had to answer the questions “Am I going to walk away, or am I going to worship? Do I believe that God is loving, that he is wise, and that his mercies are new every morning?” And there are those things that I will never understand or know the answer to, but I can say that I have found him to be loving, I have found him to be wise, and I have found his mercies to be new every morning. And while the blog has been silent, and I’ve only done a little bit of photography work here and there, I believe that maybe, just maybe, I have seen the tangible heart of God. The heart that cares for the broken, that picks them up, and that carries them by his grace.

Finally, I have found my heart in a place to begin again. Not to start over, but to pick up where I left off. A part of me has been envious of other photographer during this time. Watching businesses flourish, which I am thankful for, but at the same time wishing I could put time into mine and knowing it wasn’t on the schedule. I have time to do what I love. The time away has given me a chance to evaluate where I want Heather Marie Portraits to go and what I want to focus on. I know for sure I do not have the desire to shoot weddings anymore.  It also allowed me the opportunity to restructure the package and portrait options I provide.  So be sure to stay tuned and be on the lookout for upcoming portrait dates and opportunities again.

I have been reminded that time, time is fragile. So use it to the fullest. Use yours to the fullest.

Here is a peek at what our life has looked like over the past months. It has taken me all this time just to cull and edit them.

Married a sister off…and gained a sister-in-law (My sister married my husband’s brother) Photo taken from their engagement portraits at the Highlands Mansion


Welcomed this sweet one.

First Haircuts

Tried to enjoy the summer heat…

Obviously Pre haircut

Said Goodbye to this Guy

Photographed some beautiful families…

Tried to make the best of all the snow we got…

Said Goodbye to this Guy


Learned how to change a tire…

Loved us some time at the beach (minus Joel)

Learned how to walk…and turned ONE!

Maybe sometime in this life I’ll get a chance to post the pictures of all our home renovations. Happy Viewing Friends!

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One of the greatest privileges I’ve had in the past 27 years  is to share life with my dear friend, Andi. We went to camp together, gymnastics together, elementary school together, worked together, went to college together (and might I add our moms were college roomies too). And on top of that we’ve laughed together, danced together, sang together, and of course cried together. While we didn’t get married at the same time, we most recently have had the opportunity to share pregnancy together and now motherhood together just like our mom’s did.

I still remember just an hour after I had Levi, I came out of the bathroom at the hospital to find her and her mom there welcoming our newest addition on her short lunch break from work. In the fall, Andi and her husband discovered they would be having a little girl right around the same time I found out I was pregnant. What joy and excitement the past months have brought as I found out we would be having a girl as well and the two of us would have the blessing of sharing this time together.

A day shy of February, Andi and Chris welcomed little Savannah Rose with great expectation and love. I was sick at the time and spent the first week of Savannah’s life unable to hold her, confined to wearing one of those hospital masks that silently screams “stay far away from me.” I was able to grab a few shots of Savannah during her first days of life and later of the sweet little family. Savannah Rose, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you in the months and years to come. Your are such a blessing to so many already and you don’t even know it. I can’t wait till you have a little friend in June.

And of course one with my little man. He adores her…sometimes a little too much.


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