Behind the Lens

Hey, Guys! It’s me here, Heather Marie.

Whether you have just stopped by for the first time or the 100th, thanks for stopping by. One of the most important things in life to me is relationship, knowing people and being known by them beyond just the average “Hey, how are you?” After I’m done here you’ll hopefully have a pretty good idea of who I am and I can’t wait to get to know you too so I’m going to jump right in and share some things I’m loving about life.

  1. As I mentioned before: Relationships. I believe that every one of us was created to crave and desire relationships with others. We were meant to be in community with others. As a photographer, that is my main goal, documenting relationships; between a mother and her child, a husband and his wife, high school friends, grandparents and grandchildren, people living and loving life together.

    “We were together. I can’t remember the rest.” Walt Whitman

  2. I’m a wife. mom. friend. teacher. writer. sister. artist. dreamer. traveler. gardener. foodie. and of course, photographer

  3. Life is not complete without a good book (or ten), some fresh roasted coffee in a cute mug, rainbow sandals, a bouquet of wild flowers,  rich dark chocolate, and a soft cozy blanket.

  4. If I could pick up my life and move to the beach I would be there in a heart beat. I love the ocean, the waves, the sand, the sun, ALL OF IT! Here’s hoping for one day.

  5. And Once I moved to the beach, I would travel all around the world working as a freelance humanitarian photographer telling the stories of  men, women, and children; communities that otherwise might not have a voice.

  6. Speak Life: One day, when I’m not here anymore, I hope people remember me by the words of encouragement and truth that I spoke over them and the times that I listened (I’m working on getting better at the listening part) Let’s face it- I love to talk, but I want all the talking that I do to translate into building others up and spurring them on to all that they have been called to.

  7. 7 is the number of completion, right? So since I made it to 6 I figured I’d go onto the 7th. I could go on, but let’s face it. I want to know about you more so shoot me a message or find me on social media and let’s connect.