Behind the Lens

So many of you may just be wondering as you stumbled across my site “ Who is Heather Marie?” and I’m here to tell you just that.

Hello, friends. I’m Heather Marie and I am a lifestyle portrait photographer lucky to live in beautiful Montgomery County, PA, part of the greater Philadelphia area. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful husband, Joel (who most likely you will not see on here as he is camera shy), little boy, Levi, and family

I love books, the beach, coffee, cooking, singing loudly in the car while I drive, and last but DEFINITELY not least- Dark Chocolate!

As a child I remember unwrapping my first camera, hot pink if I must admit, at my 5th or 6th birthday, but little did I know where I would end up now. Photography has always been a dream and passion of mine and I can only attribute any talent or inspiration to be a gift from God. I have loved every second of learning and growing in the business and hope to continue in the years to come.

My goal as a visual artist is to capture life in its realness- authenticity; portrayed in laughter or kisses, stolen smiles, and other times through joyful tears. Hopefully, I can share just a glimpse of life’s richness and blessings with you.