Snips, Snails, & Puppy Dog Tails…Sweet Davis William- Abington, PA Newborn Photographer

There are few things more precious, in my opinion, then the birth of a new baby; a little life that was crafted and created in God’s image for his delight and glory.  On March 5th, our family was graciously blessed with such a gift when Davis William was born. I’ll also warn you now that this post is a little more personal than usual. Near the end of my pregnancy in July, we got the news that my brother Clinton & his wife Laura were expecting as well.  How fast time flies. We were even more excited to learn that Laura was having a boy; the perfect playmate for Levi. What joy to share the ups and downs of parenthood together.

Now to the personal part;

Clinton & Laura, you are truly godly parents. I’m so blessed to have you as siblings, to be encouraged and challenged. It brings me such joy to watch you with Davis, how you care for him and love him. May  you truly grasp what God’s grace is through your son…I’m sure at some point you’ll definitely need it. He is a gift to be treasured.

And sweet Davis, your aunt loves you dearly. I’m so excited to see the little boy and man you become. I pray that you will grow big and strong in stature, that you will love the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind, and… that you would be kind to your cousin Levi. Know how loved and special you are.

“But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high. ” – Psalm 3:3


Beautiful Momma

Davis and his Great Grandfather

So Snuggly.

Davis could you share some hair with Levi?

I think he’s had enough.

And the cousins to close.

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