The Kalbach’s and the Stoudt’s- Wyncote, PA Photographer

A few weekends ago I had the privileged and Joy to photograph one of my favorite families. Talk about it being a small world; Rachel and Peter Kalbach started attending the same church as me back in the Spring. I knew I recognized Rachel right away and being the nosy person that I am went up and introduced myself.  I soon found out that we had actually attended the same college for about a year. Rachel was pregnant with Madison at the time, and we soon found ourselves in the same Sunday school class. Few weeks later, I realize that Pete’s sister Liz was one of my mom’s students at school. It seemed like our tiny worlds were colliding in other ways too. Of course we hit it off right away and so did our husbands.  And the rest, it’s history. I feel like I’ve known Pete and Rachel forever and I just love watching the joy they share with one another as well as Maddie.

Rachel’s parents joined us for the occasion too and we had a great time together! It was special to be welcomed like family. We froze in the chill air, but had lots of laughs.

Pete and Rachel- I count it a blessing to be your friends and am so glad I was able to do this.

Happy Viewing Friends!

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