Sweet Coffee Ice Cream

Well it has sure been a long time since I stopped in to the blog for an update. Part of that is because I was recently away on a camping trip to Niagara Falls. The other part is because I’ve been swamped with work….not that it’s a bad thing. I had hoped to provide you with a little taste of my trip to the Buffalo area, but that will have to wait another day or two. Instead…

Here is a taste of my most favorite, beloved ice cream- STARBUCKS CARAMEL MACCHIATO- It’s just delish. I share this because it is what gets me through the hours of post processing and design. It keeps me going. I am normally a Dunkin Donuts girl, but sacrifice for this. If you haven’t already, go get yourself some. Can’t you just taste the sweet swirls of coffee, vanilla, and caramel? You’ll love it too. I promise.

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